The UDENSPUDELE.LV online shop aims to provide the best service and experience when choosing water bottles. We welcome both personal orders and corporate customers.

Every customer is important to us, therefore we strive to get your purchases to you as quickly as possible. We are committed to keeping our most popular water bottle models in stock at all times, so that they are available that same day. The information on the stock balance is correct.

For delivery, we send out purchases once a day. If your purchase is made in the first half of the day, it is very likely that it will be dispatched the same day. However if you’d like to pick up your order that same day yourself – if it’s in stock, you’ll be able to pick it up as early as one hour after payment.

To check the availability of products or to make sure your purchase is ready for pickup, please contact us at your convenience. Here are our Contacts.


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