Corporate Gifts

Water bottles, travel mugs and even thermoses are great corporate gifts. These are the things that people will use on a daily basis. And if you personalize them with a tasteful print, it will be a gift that will regularly remind them of the giver and increase your company’s visibility or improve customer loyalty. If the gift is supplemented with some snacks or sweets, then it will be received with even greater joy.

Unlike various other advertising goods providers, we offer really high-quality and popular brand products. We can personalize them with printing or engraving. A significant difference is that the products of quality brands will actually be used for years, and not put on the shelf next to mediocre promotional products.

In this article we take a look at such topics:

  1. Water bottle – a gift with care for health and environment
  2. Travel mug – modern and useful gift for coffee lovers
  3. Services for corporate clients

Water bottle – a gift with care for health and environment

A sustainable water bottle is a modern gift that shows care for people’s health. People don’t drink enough water every day, so this is a call and a friendly reminder to drink more water.

A hydrated person is a happy person!


Giving a water bottle as a gift will also invite the receiver to think about the fact that with a reusable water bottle we are protecting nature. It eliminates the need to buy single-use water bottles, thus eliminating PET bottle waste.

See our offer of water bottles in the store section Water bottles. For example, Metal water bottles that can be engraved are better for personalization. The multicolored logo print has a limited assortment. In any case, it is better to contact our customer service by writing to [email protected].

Travel mug – modern and useful gift for coffee lovers

A good and comfortable travel mug will be appreciated and used every day in the life of every passionate coffee or tea lover. And there are many such people. Our offer includes the best travel mugs both in terms of ease of use and thermal resistance. We also offer excellent travel mugs without a brand, which are especially well suited for personalization – printing with your brand logo.

The travel mug will be especially suitable as a gift for Christmas. This is the time when quality travel mugs will be especially appreciated. See UDENSPUDELE.LV’s offer on the page Travel mugs. Gift recipients will especially appreciate the best brands of thermal mugs, which we can engrave with your company logo and even individual names.

The best brands for personalizing travel mugs with a logo are:

  • The popular Stanley travel mugs
  • The modern Kambukka travel mugs
  • The popular PEETA travel mugs that can also be printed

termokruzes apdruka

Insulated bottles and thermoses could also be great gifts, especially for Christmas. Besides, our offer includes thermoses of the best brands, for which we also offer the option of personalization.

Services for corporate clients

We offer the chance for our customers to get personalized gifts that can be presented in a special way.

Printing of water bottles and travel mugs

We offer to personalize your chosen water bottles, travel mugs or other products of ours with your brand logo, employees’ names or greeting text.

Most of the UDENSPUDELE.LV store range can be personalized with printing or engraving. We can personalize not only water bottles and travel mugs, but also thermoses and ceramic mugs.

Gift wrapping

To present a water bottle or travel mug as a beautiful gift, we offer to pack it in a box. Upon separate agreement, we can design the purchase with different decorations or wrap it together with some snacks or sweets.

Suitable box

In the standard offer, we offer to buy one of the boxes in our daily assortment together with the bottle as an accessory. The purchase will be wrapped in tasteful tissue paper and placed in a box.

This is a daily offer, so we can provide it during the day if we have the required number of boxes available on site. The current balance is visible for each of the products.

The advantage of this type of design is that you can add an additional gift yourself, as the box will be openable. You can wrap it, add a greeting or tie it with a bow as you wish.

dāvanu iesaiņojums
Classic gift wrapping

We can also wrap your order with gift wrapping materials. It is necessary to agree on such an order individually.

We have more materials available on site during the Christmas period. We can offer different sizes of boxes, chalk paper and bows. We can also pack all of this and deliver it to your company within Riga. In case of such a need, it is necessary to contact and agree on delivery terms separately.

Gift sets with snacks or sweets

If you want a particularly good gift, then we recommend choosing a gift set, where we will complete a water bottle or a thermos together with some snacks or sweets such as chocolates, candy, even coffee or tea for travel mugs and thermoses. It is a gift that will delight with its delicacy at the moment of presentation, but with the useful water bottle or thermos mug will continue to delight for a long time.

We cooperate with Skrīveru Saldumi and Rāmkalni, Lāči, Es Mīlu Kafiju in the provision of delicacies. It is also necessary to contact individually about these orders.
And even if there are no ideas for a suitable gift and its design, we offer you to view and buy ready-made gift sets, supplemented with coffee, tea and various snacks.

We are also open to different ideas to create a set from your chosen bottle, snacks and design. For the creation of such specific gift sets, please contact us by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone at 27017119.

dāvanu komplekti
Special holiday stickers

To make a holiday gift special, sometimes a water bottle with a special holiday sticker could be a good option. It has been observed that people rarely use products with conspicuous branding on a daily basis.

Therefore, based on our experience, we can recommend printing a water bottle or travel mug with a minimal and tasteful brand logo, and sticking a sticker matching the festive mood. It’s a great way to convey a special message with a sticker, and at the same time remind you of the giver on the valuable product.


We offer great and versatile products that could appeal to many. But we also believe that everyone chooses their own water bottle or travel mug. A person will only use the products chosen by themself for a long time.

Our gift card is available at It can also be complete with snacks, stickers, gifted in a box or a beautiful envelope. Its value can be from 20 EUR to 100 EUR, which would be a suitable amount to buy water bottles for the whole family.