Ways We Can Personalize Water Bottles

Our additional services include personalisation of both basic water bottles and insulated bottles, which can be done by printing, engraving or sticking a personalised sticker on the bottle. We can personalise almost everything in our range. For metal bottles, engraving will be the most suitable personalisation method, while plastic bottles are more suited to printing.

A separate description of each of the types of personalisation we offer follows in this page.

We offer 3 types of personalization:

  1. For individual clients – sticker with a name
  2. For corporate clients – engraving
  3. For corporate clients – printing

We prepare the personalised stickers ourselves. For corporate clients, we execute orders in cooperation with our partners. Our special added value is that we know what quality products are and we can offer personalisation for practically every one of our product offerings.

The special added value of UDENSPUDELE.LV is that we can offer not only products specially suited for printing, but also products from well-known brands in Latvia and worldwide.

The biggest offer in Latvia

We offer water bottles, insulated bottles and thermoses from well-known brands. We also offer unbranded products that are especially suitable for personalisation. As a specialised shop, we know our product range well, so we can offer the product that best suits your needs and preferences. We work with experienced printing experts who will also find the best printing solution for each situation.

Please take a look at our product range in the Water Bottles, Insulated Bottles, Thermoses and Travel Mugs sections of the shop. If you can’t find the right one, feel free to contact us at [email protected], as we can offer you even more products if needed.

We’ve got more information on printing types and prices later in this article.

Sticker with a name

stickers with a name

The quickest and most affordable way to personalise your bottles is with a name sticker, which we offer free of charge. This is primarily useful when buying water bottles for children. Because then it is important that the water bottle is clearly identifiable. So that both the child and the nursery or primary school staff know who owns the water bottle.

This form of personalisation is also available to everyone. It is a great way to give a special value to a water bottle or a thermal cup. You can order a simple sticker with the person’s name or a short message.

Engraving for water bottles

engraving water bottles

Engraving is mainly suitable if you want to personalise metal bottles. Personalised thermos will be a tasteful way to make your thermos stand out from the rest. Both company logos and people’s names can be engraved too.

PROS of engraving:

  • The most affordable personalization option if you want to buy a relatively small number of products.
  • The type of personalization that will last longest on a water bottle or insulated bottle.
  • The possibility to personalize each product in different ways, for example by printing a person’s name.
  • Lead time up to 1-2 weeks.

CONS of engraving:

  • Engraving can only be done in one color at a time.
  • Engraving is only meant for metal.

Printing for water bottles and travel mugs

printing water bottle

Water bottles with a print or thermos with a print – how to beautifully and tastefully personalize company gifts with a logo that meets your logo usage guidelines.

PROS of printing:

  • Multiple colors can be used.
  • Large orders have a cheaper printing price.

CONS of printing:

  • Available for orders from 15 products.
  • Suitable for products with a smooth surface.
  • Delivery time 1-3 weeks.

Necessary information for determining the price of printing

The price offer is prepared individually according to the specific need. We offer special prices for bulk orders. The more products you plan to order, the lower the price of the printing or engraving service will be, and the greater the product purchase discount.

If you want to receive a price offer, write to us at [email protected]. In order to provide an accurate offer, please specify the following items in the e-mail:

  1. Desired engraving or printing text/logo in vector files (.svg, .pdf .ai).
  2. Placement of printing/engraving on the bottle – top, bottom, vertical or horizontal, etc.
  3. Number of bottles to be printed/engraved.
  4. Product or product characteristics (color, size, etc.) so that we can offer different options that meet the criteria.
  5. Desired term of execution.

In case of uncertainty, call the UDENSPUDELE.LV office at 27017119.

Most often asked questions:

What influences the price for personalization?

The amount of text/window colour, size, positioning you choose affects the price for personalization.

Which products can be engraved?

You can engrave all types of metal insulated bottles, travel mugs, thermoses, metal food containers.

Which products are eligible for printing?

All standard bottles, insulated bottles, travel mugs from the “Avenue” brand can be printed.

Is it possible to view the product before ordering?

Yes, if there is such a desire and the product appears to be available in the warehouse, it can be viewed at our office – Cēsu Street 31k-2 3.

How is printing different from engraving?

Printing differs from engraving in that during engraving changes are made to the relief of the product material and it can be only one color. When printing, the logo/text is applied to the surface of the product, it can be implemented in several colors.