The Most Popular Water Bottle Sizes

water bottle sizes

In today’s world, choosing the right reusable water bottle is about more than staying hydrated. It’s about making a sustainable choice that fits our lifestyle. With countless options on the market, the task of finding the perfect bottle can seem daunting. It’s not just about the look or material – water bottle sizes play a […]

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Is Tap Water Healthy?

tap water

Generally each person should drink about two litres of water per day. This is a large amount of water, and buying it from the supermarket makes everyday life a little more difficult. This would be considerably alleviated if water could be drunk from the tap. But the question of whether tap water is safe for […]

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Liewood Water Bottles for Kids

Liewood water bottles are a popular choice for so many families. Brand was founded relatively recently – in the summer of 2015. The founder’s goal was to create a unique children’s interior concept, focusing on functionality, fine lines and simple details. The founder of Liewood has 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, working […]

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Elegant EQUA Water Bottles From Slovenia

One of the most beautiful and elegant reusable bottle brands is EQUA water bottles. This Slovenian brand has established itself over the last 10 years as a sustainable company that combines elegant design with quality raw materials. The brand’s motto is to make society feel good, look good and also do good for the world. […]

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How Much Water Should We Drink per Day?

How Much Water Should We Drink per Day

Water is a huge part of who we are, so it’s important to regularly replenish your body’s water supply. Our health depends greatly on consuming enough water. But the question still remains – how much water should we drink per day Admittedly, there is no simple answer to this question, as scientific advice in this […]

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World Water Day – What It’s Really About

world water day

When a conversation about water is initiated, everyone might have a different view on the direction of the conversation. Some might think the conversation is about drinking water, while others might think the conversation is about the world’s water bodies. There are so many ways in which we feel, see and use water in our […]

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Rainwater – Is It Drinkable?

rain water

Water is necessary for human survival, but each of us has sometimes wondered what makes water drinkable. Most of planet Earth is made up of water, but we should only drink filtered and purified water. In the article Is Tap Water Healthy, we looked at the quality of tap water. But what about other types […]

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