Our Story

On this page, we tell the story of UDENSPUDELE.LV. Who we are and why we sell water bottles. It is the best thing that could have happened to us at this time. And only time will tell where it can lead.


We are a specialised online water bottle shop called ŪDENS PUDELE which translates to WATER BOTTLE. We are all about everyone having a sustainable water bottle handy and always having clean water to drink.

Our water bottle shop was set up in April 2020 when we needed a break from our normal routine. Everything fell into place so that it was the right time to start a new project that will hopefully grow into the best water bottle shop in Latvia. And maybe something more…

By creating and developing UDENSPUDELE.LV, we want it to be able to offer our customers the best range of sustainable water bottles, fast service and a special value – the knowledge that with their water bottle they will do something good for themselves and the world.

water bottle shop

Photo: Let there always be a water bottle in reach!

Things we want to provide for our customers:

  • To have the coolest bottles on offer. The most beautiful, the most convenient, the most innovative, etc. The ones that people would love in everyday life.
  • The best bottles are always available. We want you to be able to pick up your bottle immediately or in the next few days.
  • We know what we are selling. We try the bottles we have on offer ourselves and share our experiences.
  • It’s more than just selling water bottles. We want to encourage people to drink more water and to create less waste with their bottle.

We are just getting started, so there is still a long way to go. The journey starts with the first step and we are delighted to have already covered the ‘first kilometre’.


We are a family who, thanks to the international health emergency back in the 2020, stayed in a country house near Cesis and decided to start their own business.

Our team’s mission is to create the best water bottle shop and delight our customers. And it’s a task that helps the children to learn faster, us parents to get up and work at home, and everyone to have a great time together.

udenspudele team

Despite our team’s limited experience in running online stores, offers great water bottles to our customers and we ensure fast delivery. And we are not an employer that uses underage labour. We are parents like everyone else who is a full-time parent at this time. Those with children will understand us perfectly.

Lessons UDENSPUDELE.LV taught us

Here are some examples of how this project helped our family through the tough times.

A great opportunity to employ children

Selling water bottles generally is quite simple. Water bottles are stylish, colourful and add a lot of value to both people and nature. Children love it, so they are ready to help any way they can – to cut, glue, pack, count and calculate.

They are even willing to finish their school homework early so they can help.

Water must be consumed a lot and often

This is something our team now knows very well. The children also recommend it to their friends. And by the way, drinking water regularly improves mood and cheerfulness, which is quite a useful thing to learn early on.

A chance to work on your own

The thing about new things is that they are interesting and exciting. It was therefore much easier to motivate yourself to work, especially at the time of 2020.

Children now understand much better what Dad and Mum are doing. It helps to have a moment of more peace for important work.

Educating by example

A reusable water bottle can replace around 300 PET bottles in a year. That’s a significant amount of waste. And it’s important not only to reduce waste, but also to collect it.

By going outdoors with your children and collecting PET bottles, you are setting an example not only for your children, but perhaps also for others.

family business

Our deepest gratitude

This is a time of change for most of the world’s population. For the best, it is a change in daily habits; for others, it is the loss of a job or even a loved one.

Our family is very grateful that circumstances have coincided at this time to allow us to create this project

Below we would like to list those who we can thank for making this project happen and for getting us this far. gift card centre

First of all, a big thank you to and the whole team that made this project possible. Thank you for the resources to develop the online shop. Thanks to the team for allowing us to take this time off and focus on the development of

fromme gift cards

We have also created a gift card on, because it could be an amazing gift for someone you care about. Posting a gift card on gives new businesses the opportunity to get noticed.

Parent Education Programme PLECS

Shortly before the Covid emergency was declared back in the 2020, we had the opportunity to attend a Parent Education Programme organised by PLECS. The knowledge we gained allows us to build harmony in the family much better, which was at times a huge challenge for families when 100% togetherness was the only way.

Parent Education Programme PLECS

But for this project, we can express our deepest gratitude to the Parent Education Programme for highlighting the importance of water in the relationship with children. The importance of regular water drinking, especially when there are little crises where emotions run high.

Thanks to the Parent Education Programme, we each found our own water bottle for everyday life. It was the first time we thought it would be cool to set up a water bottle shop. A place where everyone can find the perfect water bottle and get it within a few days.

So we can thank all the DOD PIECI donors who gave their money to the PLECS Foundation in 2018.

Friends and family

UDENSPUDELE.LV would not have been possible without the support of family and friends.

Thanks to our friends for the photos you can see on Instagram and blog posts. Thank you for helping us create a blog where you can find useful and interesting articles about water use and choosing the right water bottles.

friends and family

Special thanks to Inese for her help with the bottle range, Anete and Jurģis for the cool pictures and Biruta for her support in educating the children!

Of course, our first customers who bought water bottles for themselves were also friends! Thanks to them for that!

Environmental company Zaļā Josta (Green Belt)

We created our UDENSPUDELE.LV just in time for the social campaign #SavaPudele (#YourOwnWaterBottle) by the environmental company Zaļā Josta. Thank you for your trust in working with us on this campaign.

It is a great honour and pleasure for us to cooperate in promoting such an important social campaign.

May there always be something to drink!

We hope you remember to drinking water often! Because unlike flowers, which can be easily overwatered, humans can rarely have too much water!